Morbid is a point-and-click adventure game created by Maciej Palka and Mateusz Skutnik (of Submachine fame), where the story begins just after a plague had wiped out millions of people in Europe sometime around the 14th century. The objective of the game isn't explained to players at the start, but with a bit of exploration it is soon revealed to you through the many hints and clues that you will find during your journey.

This particular release isn't really up to par when compared to some of Mateusz's recent stuff, considering that a couple of areas (such as the roof and cemetery) can be difficult to locate due to poor hot spot placements and visible exit point indicators. The length of the adventure is also noticeably longer than his past efforts, although you'd probably be spending most of your time clicking around wildly while searching for objects to add to your inventory. (video walkthrough)