Vector Boom is a defense game set in space that involves hordes of enemy spaceships and tons of explosions. Players set a radius for each explosion using the mouse, then watch as their space station obliterates the incoming armada.

Made up of 10 levels, initially holding off the bad guys is fairly easy going but it rapidly gets more hectic. At the end of each level money earned can be spent on upgrading your space station with better blasters and more armour. There's also a survival mode which is basically a 'survive as long as you can' gameplay mode.

While it does get quite frantic, the game never really feels difficult. The music also seems a little out of place - this may be one of those rare situations where dance music might actually be the answer. However, as an overall experience, its a fun little game and one which you should definitely give a go.

Play Vector Boom over at Armor Games.