I always find it a little depressing when I discover an incredible indie game completely by chance that has received no marketing whatsoever. It always makes me wonder: why did the developer spend so much time and effort creating something brilliant and then not even have a decent crack at spreading it around a little?

I've considered writing up a list of points which I believe to be 'Good Methods for Marketing Your Indie Game', but Dev.Mag's Rodain "Nandrew" Joubert has beaten me to it, while making his ideas all 'Zero Budget' jobs too.

His article 'The Zero Budget Indie Marketing Guide' may be a very useful read for any aspiring indie developers who aren't really sure how to get their game 'out there'. It includes advice from the likes of Fez developer Phil Fish, Rock Paper Shotgun's Kieron Gillen and many others. It may even prove interesting for those of you who believe you've got the ins and outs of game-marketing sorted.

Read the article at Dev.Mag.