There's no way that you can pass a game by that has the title 'Being Struck By Lightning is Probably the Best Way That You Could Die On Account of All of It's Awesomeness' and not try it out (although being a grammar fiend, the incorrect apostrophe made me let out a sort of 'gah' noise).

The game was created for Gamejolt's 'Shocking' Game contest. Gameplay-wise, the game extends about as far at its name in terms of sheer agonising design. Initially simple, the combination of tight jumping and evil level design make this the most keyboard-bashing experience I've had in a while. It's worth holding out and playing on when you feel like you can't take anymore, just to see how utterly harsh it really gets.

I really like the graphical style and the crazy music seems out of place and yet just right at the same time. Not sure how that works though. Just try it out yourself and see if you can understand my drivel.