Aaaaand another Gamejolt 'Shocking' Content entry. Pace Maker is your standard blast-em-up with a few interesting twists.

Controlling the Kathomee virus, the aim is to enter each pace maker and shock it into submission while small 'circuit breakers' whiz around trying to stop you in your tracks. As your progress there are powerups that can help out.

Your normal shooter affair. What makes Pace Maker interesting is the two different types of virus up for selection. The Syncronous version has power spinning around it and your evil virus weapon can only be fired when this rotating power is facing the same direction. The Asyncronous virus on the other hand works differently. Power is built up all around your virus over time and when you fire off your bullets, this power is diminished - but only in that direction. So while this virus can fire in all directions at any time, you could also end up with no firepower for a moment.

The game can be 'quick played' so no download to hard drive is needed. Find it at Gamejolt.