Trigger is a tough horizontal shooter created by Stephen Lavelle, developer of intriguing experimental projects such as Opera Omnia and Rara Racer. The ship that you pilot is armed with only one weapon, but when used effectively it can destroy just about any mothership you might encounter on this dangerous mission.

Multiple enemy targets can be targeted at the same time by holding down the A key. When the button is released, all enemies targeted will be shot at automatically. To inflict more damage, simply chain together a couple of targets before blasting them all in one go. All enemy ships must be destroyed, or you would have to play the same stage all over again. The only occasions where this doesn't apply is during boss fights, in which there are four of them in total.

Note that the game is extremely difficult and challenging, and players who are easily frustrated should avoid playing increpare's latest effort. There are twenty-four stages to blast through in both Windows and Mac OS X versions.

Trigger download page
save file (unlocks all levels)

Francois Boss Fight (high quality video)

Salvage, Ali Boss Fight, Ending (high quality video)