Kongregate, one of the biggest Flash gaming sites that sees 7 million gamers every month, have announced a new community-based system under the name 'Kongregate Collabs' which will allow games artists and musicians to find fellow developers and link up with them much more easily.

Announced last week, Kongregate co-founder Jim Greer hopes the extension to the indie gaming site will help gamers with talents in the art and music departments to contribute more in game creation. He explained:

"Kongregate Collabs will be a great place for indie developers to meet and collaborate with artists and musicians in an environment specifically designed for self-expression and the creation of great games to be shared with millions of Kongregate players.”

To get the ball rolling, they've teamed up with Scion to give away tons of cash prizes. Sounds like a pretty neat way for developers who, say, might not be so great when it comes to sound and music to find another dedicated partner to work with.

Check out the Kongregate Collabs page for more information.