UK publisher Mastertronic, who you may know as the owners of the Sold Out software range, have launched a new publishing label called 'Great Indie Games'.

Designed specifically to bring indie titles to a games store near you, Mastertronic's Andy Payne explained that they want to try to give the best indie games a wider retail audience. He explained:

“We have always wanted to work more closely with developers and we believe we can add real value to indie games by getting them in front of a mainstream retail audience and shouting from the rooftops about the fruits of their considerable labour.

“With the many and varied PC games offerings out there, casual or otherwise, there is a place for great games that have been produced on a lower budget than normal by small development teams. Every other creative art has indies, indeed the games industry grew out of indie pioneers, so it is about time we helped them get back to where they belong."

He added that Mastertronic are "on the look out for more indie developed games" and that any developers who are looking to get their games sold at retail should get in touch with them. For any developers interested, please note that the service is aimed at the UK, Ireland, Australia and the Nordic region with no word on any North American releases yet.

World of Goo has been confirmed as the first game to kickstart their campaign and will be released early July for £14.99.