A couple of weeks ago, the guys at Dejobaan Games started taking pre-orders for upcoming basejumper AaaaAetc - A Reckless Disregard for Gravity. Not only will those who pre-order the game bag themselves a $10 discount off the final $25 price, but every supporter will also receive a 'Pre-Release' copy of the game (which is essentially a beta version which includes 30 of the eventual 80 levels) and 'exclusive content'.

While it's in no way feasible to write a review off of this unfinished code, it'd still be nice to know whether it's worth forking out $15 for, right? Welcome to my pre-review for Aaaaa! which, in a nutshell, goes as follows: Buy this game.


I'm going to keep this short. Dejobaan have managed to nail the feeling of falling really fast and I absolutely love it. Your task is to launch yourself from a ridiculous height, skim some buildings, smash through targets, wave to your loving fans, flip off the whiners and land safely at the bottom with all bones intact.

Initially this all goes swimmingly and you'll simply enjoy the feeling of being in complete control while simultaneously having no control whatsoever over the frantic pace of it all. Then you'll notice getting a 5-star rating is really, really difficult. While the experience can be completely casual and open enough for anyone to enjoy it, so too is Aaaaa! fitted for the hardcore gamers. Finding perfect routes to maximise score and achieve the highest rating possible will no doubt help the time fly for many freefallers.


I don't want to say much more than this for now - I'll save that for the final verdict in Q3 2009. The package as a whole is definitely worth the $15 pre-order price, but to justify the full $25 purchase, Dejobaan are going to have to keep raising the variety and quality of the levels. It would be all too easy to get bored towards the end and chuck in some generic layouts just to get the whole project rapped up quickly. If they stay focused, this could be essential indie for 2009.

Pre-orders are available through the Dejobaan site. There's also a demo to download, so you can decide if it's your kind of thing. Like rushing past buildings at stupid speeds wouldn't be.