Bennu is a puzzle game currently in peer review for release through Xbox Live Community Games. It's all about a bird whose head falls off and is turned into a ball and chain (!), which the player then swings through a variety of levels. Oh, and there's a hippo in there too.

Sounds more than crazy, but judging from the above trailer alone (there are barely any details on the official site) this could very well be an interesting release. It appears the basic idea is that touching blocks starts a folding pattern at that point, and it is your job to destroy all the blocks in the correct order. Or something like that. Maybe.

What looks really fun is the co-op mode. Bennu looks like the kind of title that would benefit immensely from multiplayer and clearly Once a Bird have recognised this. Throw in the fact that the game placed in the top 20 in the 2008 DreamBuildPlay contest and hey, we could have a dark horse on our hands.

Look out for updates on Once a Bird's site.