Zeno Clash fans rejoice! After receiving the first free additional content for the ACE Team's beat-em-up last month, you shall now be blessed with even more - and again it's free!

This weekend three additional challenge levels called 'The Pit' will be added to the game. ACE Team's Andres Bordeu sets the scene:

"Gravity is the enemy and taking a wrong step can be fatal. Destructible floors and traps await the skilled who want to reach the bottom of the pit alive."

I'll admit the challenge mode wasn't exactly my kinda thing (as I've pointed out previously), but the video makes it looks pretty fun... hey, is that... C-3PO?! Now I'm officially confused.

Anywho, to celebrate the release of this new material, Zeno Clash will have 50% off the purchase price all weekend for anyone who is yet to delve into the world of Zenozoik. I'd recommend you give it a try if you haven't already.