Brainpipe, Winner of Excellence in Audio at this year's IGF awards, is now available on Steam with money off for a limited time.

The Steam blurb states:

"BRAINPIPE is a unique gaming experience. The ultimate objective is to transcend humanity. You do this by navigating the tunnels of your mind, exercising your hand-eye coordination while relishing in the funkadelic sights and sounds of your inner self. Collect the illuminated glyphs while avoiding the nasty obstacles. They may look all nice and shiny, even warm and inviting, but each brush with them brings you one step closer to eternal darkness!"

It's $11.99 (£8.79) for now and will eventually be $14.99 (£10.99). I've never given it a try if I'm honest, but Tim says he really liked it, although it's a rather 'acquired taste'. He talked about it back in December, where he also links to a demo for those who want to give it a chance.