Graduate Games' physics-based puzzle game, The Magic Toy Chest, can be downloaded for free today. The puzzler plays like a mix of The Incredible Machine and Crayon Physics, offers sixteen toys to use (each with a different weight and function), and comes with a comprehensive level editor that allows users to design and share their creations with their friends and family.

One thing I've noticed about the game is that the loading time between levels can take up to a few seconds. To avoid any wait when restarting a puzzle to perfect your solution, just press the Q key and everything will be placed back in their original positions instantly.

You don't need to key in any detail about yourself or acquire a credit card to download the full game. Simply type in any information for the required fields (at least five digits for daytime phone number), select PayPal as your payment method, and input BLKW000TH for the coupon code to get a full discount. A download link will then be supplied to you on the next page. Quick, easy and hassle-free.

For the Windows operating system only, and the offer expires at the end of July 5th, 2009. (today)