Bulletsss is a puzzle platformer that requires a fair amount of quick reflexes and serious thought from the player in equal parts, as the challenges and obstacles in the game can be rather difficult to complete even at the normal difficulty setting. Graphically it looks a lot more refined than the prequel BulletZORZ, but gameplay-wise the only major additions are the coloured lines that prevents either you or your bullets from passing through, and the ability to propel yourself in the opposite direction when shooting a bullet or wall at point blank range.

The main objective of Bulletsss is basically to collect all yellow gems in each area, then proceed to the goal flag to complete the level. Bullets move at a slow speed in this game, and you can use them as platforms to reach areas which are normally inaccessible with your basic jump skill. Projectiles will only hurt you if you touch them at the rounded end, and this includes bullets shot from your own gun as well.

Red lines kill on contact, while blue lines prevent a bullet from passing through. All sixteen levels included in the game can be played in any order, plus you can test your skills even further by playing the game at the hard difficulty setting with limited bullets to use in every stage.

Note: All videos shown below contain spoilers. You will regret watching them.

Levels 12, 13, 14 (Hard Mode)

Levels 15, 16 (Hard Mode)