Octopounce was originally created for artxgame to be played by willing crowds at the Game Over/Continue? show at the Giant Robot gallery some time ago, but has only just become available for download now. It's a multiplayer experience for up to four players and it's recommended that you grab at least one friend before sitting down with it.

The object of Octopounce is to use your fellow octopodes to bounce high and grab as many fish as possible. There isn't really any scoring system however, and the game never ends, so it's more of a fun little mess-around which feels slightly Mario-like in its execution. The inclusion of a text ticker scrolling along the bottom handing out comments on your game is a nice touch too.

Don't worry if you don't have three friends to share the experience with you - the remaining squids will drift off to sleep and float around the level while you play. Download it from Auntie Pixelante's site.