I've seen this game mentioned on a couple of sites now, but was apprehensive about trying the demo out because it appears to be a matching game with physics applied to it (still is). Today it was brought to my attention that 2D Engine's Chains is being sold on Steam for only $2.49 (50% off the original price of $4.99), and that was enough to prompt me to take a look at the bargain-priced title.

The demo carries five playable levels out of the twenty included in the full release, and though it might sound like too little content for a taster, the first few stages will still take at least a good fifteen minutes to beat on your first try. You can choose between three difficulty settings, and there is an option to continue playing even after you've completed a level objective.

Each stage presents a unique challenge, but the one thing that remains consistent is that you'll be asked to remove as many coloured bubbles as you can until a task is completed or time runs out. Some will demand quick reflexes, others will test your puzzle-solving skills, and one particular level in the demo even calls for the player to perform simple mathematical calculations as well.

Whether the game is a definite purchase or not depends on your interest for physics-based puzzlers, but the trial version is certainly worth a try for the half-hour entertainment that it offers. (source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun)