The Indie Games Arcade is set to return for another showing this year at Eurogamer Expo 2009, with the works of developers like Anthony Flack, Robert D. Fearon, Hayden Scott-Baron, Rudolf Kremers and Alex May already confirmed to be playable during the event. The arcade will be present at both the Leeds (27th - 28th Oct, Saviles Hall) and London (30th - 31st Oct, Billingsgate) legs of the show, while tickets which costs £6 per day can be purchased from the Eurogamer Expo site.

Last year's show was received very well by public, so one can certainly expect this year's edition to be substantially bigger and better with more backing provided from the organizers.

Indie Games Arcade for EG Expo 09
Cletus Clay Leads Eurogamer Expo Indie Arcade