Puppygames have just released the above gameplay video, showcasing their in-development title Revenge of the Titans at an early stage.

A mixture of real-time strategy and tower defence, the team have the core gameplay mechanics down and are now working on bringing the graphics up to speed. Towers cannot be directly upgraded, but instead smaller buildings are built surrounding them which power them up in different ways.

"Place gun turrets near the path of the invading Titans, and upgrade the turrets by placing ancillary buildings nearby to improve their abilities, such as batteries for more ammunition, scanners for greater range, and cooling towers for faster fire rate. At the same time you have to manage collecting funds from your factories, and quickly zap powerups that beam in now and again!"

There are a lot more details over on the Puppyblog which go into greater specifics. All in all it's looking like a mighty fine RTS romp! Nothing on a release date as of yet, but of course we will keep you posted.