Be My Bird is an experimental game which delves into the realms of neural networks via a flower-gathering bird. It is possible to teach the bird how to gather the flowers and bring them back to his nest, so that eventually he does it all on his own.

The plus and minus buttons below the action are the key. Clicking - will indicate to our feathery pal that what he is doing is wrong, while clicking + will tell him yes, that's right! Hence, when he is empty-handed, clicking the plus as he moves towards the flowers and the minus as he moves away from them is the general idea. Inversely, once he has collected a flower, giving him positive feedback as he moves towards the nest will help him understand what the goal is.

Eventually no clicking will be necessary and he'll flutter around grabbing the flowers by himself. It's best to begin with the 'Cakewalk' mode to get a general feel for how it all works. For those interested in how it all works, the neural networking paths are on display to the right of the action.

Note that the game doesn't seem to work too well with smaller resolutions (the plus and minus buttons can get cut off at the bottom) and you may need to put your browser into fullscreen mode (F11 for Firefox users) to be able to play properly. to give it a go!