If you are heavily into card games like the popular Magic: The Gathering series, then be prepared to kiss your free time goodbye. Elements is a strategy-based fantasy card game that features both single-player and online multiplayer modes, deck building options, and no micropayments needed for acquiring new cards (not yet, anyway).

There are twelve elements to specialize in, and you can customize your deck even further after winning matches and spinning for rare cards. The objective of the game is basically to reduce your opponent's hit points to zero and win the duel before he does the same to you. An elemental master can also lose the duel if he or she runs out of cards to play.

The tutorial does a great job of easing new players in quickly. You begin each round by placing pillars to generate quantums, which are then used to cast spells or summon creatures to do your bidding. A white bar will appear under the quantum cost of a card if you have enough quantums of the right colour to put the card into play.

Players who are familiar with M:TG will notice that enemies do not block any damage inflicted on their elemental masters at all. Some gameplay balance issues still exist, but if you can look past that then Elements is pretty much the best free fantasy card game out there. (basic game rules, Elements Wiki)