Guardian Rock is a great new browser game title that makes full use of [EDIT: Zelda things excised!] sliding block puzzle fun. Stefan Ahlin (or Torpedolab, as he calls himself) has, however, taken the idea a lot further and there are some truly difficult solutions to be found here.

The idea is to slide the 'Guardian Rock' around the levels and crush all the explorers. Problem is, once old G Rock starts moving, he can't stop until he's crashed into something solid. He's then got to reach the goal once all the little men have been walloped! It's a hard life, this 'protecting the ancient temple' thing.

Give it a blast over on Torpedolab. Oh, and while you're over there, give Super Briefcase a quick go, too. I meant to give it a mention a while back but it slipped my mind. (Thanks to Alex Shen for the recommendation!)