Knightfall 2 is a tile-matching puzzler with a nifty gimmick - instead of controlling the protagonist directly, you would have to rotate the board and remove the blocks underneath our hero to move him around. This applies to objects and enemies in the play area as well, as everything is affected by gravity and will move to fill any gaps created when you take away blocks from the board.

There is usually a door which you have to reach to complete a level, although you would have to unlock it first by collecting a key placed at a random location on the board. Enemies will try and prevent you from completing your objective, but your drill will make short work of them if you attack the bad guys from above. The other thing you should be worried about is your action points, as they drain quickly whenever you remove blocks from the play area.

The length of the story mode should satisfy most players, although it should be noted that there is no way to continue playing with your existing save after beating the final boss.