Here's something a little different from my normal posts, but bear with me for a second. Pretweeting is a bit like buying and selling shares but in Twitter form (hence if you don't use Twitter, you might as well stop reading now).

Every word has a value depending on how often it is being mentioned on Twitter at that moment. So the idea is to buy up lots of words which aren't being talked about right now but you believe will soon be popular - that is, pretweet them. For example, if you know a big event is coming up, you might want to grab the name of it so that you can sell it on the day.

There are other factors that come into play. There is a maximum number of words that you can own at one time, and certain words take up more 'slots' than other words. For example, 'lol', 'the' and 'RT' are all understandably worth more than lots of other words since they are said so often.

Sounds pretty complicated, but there are some nice features to help you out when deciding which words to choose. Entering a word into the search box will bring up a graph showing how popular your chosen word has been over the last week. If you see there is a pattern in its popularity, you can use that to your advantage. There's also a word list to show the top most popular words at that moment.

If you do a lot of Twittering, it's worth checking this out - it's actually a good bit of fun. Plus there are prizes for the winners each few days! Sign up over at