Pizza Morgana is an episodic adventure series which sees a young girl accidently thrown into a world of monsters, vampires, faeries, and daemons - who all work as pizza deliverers! The first episode 'Monsters and Manipulations in The Magical Forest' was released today and is available for $8.95 (or $34.95 to secure yourself the whole series as they are released).

The areas are beautifully drawn with cel-shaded characters inhabiting them. The game appears to be quite child-orientated at first, but it actually turns out to be very well rounded and made me smile numerous times. The voice-acting is especially wonderful - Corbomite actually got a few Hollywood actors in to bring the characters to life and it has paid off superbly for them - vampire Abbie Positive and The Watcher in particular are really brought to life.

It's a relatively short ordeal, clocking in at around 60-90 minutes and the puzzles are far from taxing, but it's still good fun. If you're an adventure game nut, you may well enjoy this a lot. Check out more details at the Pizza Morgana site.