I didn't check out Droplitz when it first appeared in June, hence I didn't post about it. Right now there's 80% off Blitz Games' casual puzzler until August 28th, so I couldn't resist.

Glad I didn't resist too, as it's seriously addictive fun. First impressions weren't great - it just looked like your standard 'create a path to the bottom' game (think Downfall) and it felt incredibly difficult to gather a decent score. However, after half an hour it all finally clicked - my head was around it and I was away, churning up the points. The frantic pacing keeps you on your toes and the gorgeous visuals explode at every path created and combo reached.

There are a few different modes and backdrops to play around with, but in general there's only really one style of gameplay so I predict it will get boring eventually. However, I've been playing for a good 3 hours now and I'll still loving it (maybe a little too much).

Definitely worth grabbing while it's on sale for such a ridiculous price. More info over on the Droplitz Steam Store page.