A warning in advance - nothing about this adventure game experience makes any sense whatsoever, including the ridiculous name. But my, what an experience it is. Playing as a walking, talking frying pan, you're sent back post-death to live your life properly.

The problem is, it's not exactly clear what you're meant to be going back in time to do. Cue randomly trying different things, finding the best outcomes and crashing your car repeatedly to restart time again in a very Groundhog Day-esque style.

The game is quite heavy in dialogue, but fortunately it's pretty hilarious in most parts (although maybe a little tasteless in others). Please be warned, rude conversations are plentiful and there's a few naughty pictures too. I'm sure that will just make you want to play it more rather than deter, right?

Grab it from the GZ Storm site. (Source: Tee Eye Gee)