Broken Brothers is Michael Todd's entry for the latest Experimental Gameplay Project. It's an RTS title with the tagline 'Gather, Survive, Expand, Unlock'. Very challenging gameplay ahoy!

Beginning with 'Malakai', who is basically your Headquarters, the idea is to gather 'hope' via Harvester units, then use this hope to build attacking units like tanks and bombers. Once your army is prepared, it's time to explore the world, destroying the constant threat from evil bug creature thingies and finding your brothers.

Michael decided to go for the 'bare minimum' concerning the graphical style, as the game needed to be fully completed within 7 days, but he's managed to create a world which is sparse yet striking. The constant flow of enemies is incredibly difficult to hold back and it's definitely a good idea to venture out early and get a foot in the door before they begin to attack.

Get more info from the EGP site, then download it from Michael's Spyeart webby.