Sticky Situation is a shooter with an interesting concept. Both yourself and the enemy are constantly firing sticky darts at each other, and when enough darts have secured themselves firmly to a ship, the weight will become too much and said ship will fall to its doom.

Your own vessel feels really odd to control, as it rotates slightly as it moves, meaning it's rather difficult to shoot in a straight line. Not that you would want to - you'd end up with a face full of darts from the ship you're trying to sink! The tactic here is to keep moving to take the enemies from an angle. It's still extremely difficult though, so it's worth remembering that you can tap the shift button every second to knock a single dart off your ship (you can actually hold shift, but it slows you down and is generally not worth it at all).

All in all, it feels like there is an interesting concept here which could possibly be expanded on. Download it from Anthony L. Romano's Thunderware blog.