You are Maximillian Q. Worthington in Jabberwock's Window Hater, a man who has a deep hatred for windows. One day a mysterious parcel appears at his doorstep, and he is absolutely delighted to find a jetpack and a flamethrower inside it. Without hesitation he straps on the jetpack and sets off into the sky to break as many windows as he can in the eight levels included with this build.

The objective of the game is to break all windows in each area before time runs out, simply by heating them up with your flamethrower until they shatter into hundreds of tiny glass fragments. A window cools down very quickly as well, so you might want to keep your weapon pointed at one until it breaks just to make sure that they don't bother you ever again.

Helicopters will attempt to poison you, shoot you down or reduce the temperature of any heated window with streams of water in the later stages. There isn't a way to take them out with your flamethrower, but you can still dodge their missiles and projectiles if you know how to handle the jetpack well enough. (download link)