[Just wanted to remind that early reg for the Indie Games Summit @ GDC Austin ends today, August 13th, and we have almost the whole line-up now listed, including some neat new lectures.]

Organizers of this September's Independent Games Summit at GDC Austin have announced more speakers for the September 15th-16th Summit, a separate part of the wider, 'connected game'-focused Austin-based event, and for which information is available on the GDC Austin website.

Some of the newly announced lectures at the event, for which early registration ends today, August 13th, include:

- In 'And Yet It Moves: From Student Prototype To Published Indie Game', Felix Bohatsch of Broken Rules explains the creation of the former IGF Student Showcase finalist, currently available on PC download services like Steam and Greenhouse, and coming soon to WiiWare -- talking about the possibilities a small team has to reach a mass audience through digital distribution.

- Presenting a lecture called 'The Blurst of Times: How to Make a (Shader-Heavy, Physics-Based, 3D) Game in 8 Weeks', Matthew Wegner and Steve Swink of Flashbang Studio discuss how it's possible to make complex 3D web games like Minotaur China Shop and Off-Road Velociraptor Challenge in an 8-week production cycle - essentially "AAA game development in microcosm", with prototyping, betas, and a specific, rapidly executed schedule.

- Talking in a lecture called 'How To Operate Your Indie Game Business - For Fun And Profit!', Wahoo Studios / NinjaBee's Brent Fox explains how the Kingdom For Keflings and Cloning Clyde XBLA developer "can maintain the creative indie edge and still stay in business", discussing contracting vs. self-funded games and comparing development and success on platforms from iPhone through WiiWare to XBLA, PC, and beyond.

Also just added are Aquaria co-creator and Infinite Ammo head Alec Holowka on 'Storytelling Through Independent Games', plus a Twisted Pixel Games duo on 'Making an XBLA Game in 6 Months: A Splosion Man Postmortem', and Lost Garden blogger Daniel Cook on 'The Rise of Premium Flash Games'.

Other previously announced highlights of the two-day Summit include Gaijin Games' Mike Roush on 'The Bit.Trip Series: Holistic Indie Console Game Design', Jennifer Bullard of local Texas independent developer Certain Affinity (Age Of Booty) on 'Business Managing Your Indie Developer Through The Downturn', Colin Northway on 'Postmortem: The Design & Business Behind Fantastic Contraption', Wolfire COO John Graham (co-creator of the upcoming Overgrowth) discussing 'Effective Marketing For Indie Game Developers', and 'The Indie Business Rant', including notables such as Hothead's Joel DeYoung (DeathSpank, Penny Arcade Adventures), Klei's Jamie Cheng (Shank), and IGS advisory board members Matthew Wegner (Blurst.com, Crane Wars) and Adam Saltsman (Fathom).

More information on 2009's Independent Games Summit at Austin GDC (part of Think Services, as is this website), including registration details and other specifics, is available at the official IGS @ Austin GDC website.