Jeff Ward over on sister site Gamasutra has posted an article questioning whether there is a living to be made from developing independent games.

Jeff, a game designer himself who is currently working on a title for release on Xbox Live Indie Games, notes recent rants from indie developers regarding their monies:

"We've been seeing recently a number of small game companies really hitting a wall when it comes to funding. Introversion had a post on their blog about their money problems, and Mommy's Best Games, though still pushing ahead, made it clear that the numbers on Weapon of Choice were not good."

The different distribution methods are also explored, from iPhone projects to PC releases, with lots of daunting sales figures. Jeff comes to the conclusion that it is extremely difficult to sustain yourself money-wise by simply developing indie games full-time, or even with 'alternative money sources'.

Read the full article over on Gama.