There's been some interesting reactions to the recent changes Xbox Live Community Games (now Xbox Live Indie Games) has undergone, mainly revolving around the new pricing system. Games available through the scheme will now set you back either 400 Microsoft Points ($5/£3.40), 240 MSP ($3/£2.04) or 80 MSP ($1/£0.68).

Two of the other main, big changes that caught my eye were the ability for users to rate every game out of five (hopefully kicking some of those lesser titles down a notch) and the distribution of tokens which allow developers to give copies of their game away for reviewing purposes.

With this is mind, we're hoping to review indie games available through the Xbox Live Indie Games channel much more. If you are an Xbox Live Indie Games developer and would like us to check your game out, please fire an email off to me at [email protected] and I'll make sure I find the time to sit down and give your title a run-through.

Of course, if there are any PSN or Wii-Ware developers out there looking for coverage, we'd be more than happy to help you guys out too!

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Don't forget that sister 'console digital download' site GamerBytes, run by Ryan Langley, also covers console downloadable games of all shapes and sizes, including Xbox Live Indie Games. So there's crossover coverage possibilities here - Ryan is at [email protected] if you want to tell him about your project or send him codes.]