The most excellent Time Gentlemen, Please!, Zombie Cow's hilarious adventure starring two friends powering their way through time in an attempt to stop Hitler and his army of Nazi dinosaurs, is now available to purchase via Steam.

It's bundled along with the prequel Ben There, Dan That for a tidy $4.99 (£2.99). I enjoyed it rather a lot (and so did many others) so if you haven't grabbed a copy yet, at least give the demo a gander.

Also on the Ben and Dan series front, due to the huge success of Time Gentlemen, Please!, the guys have decided to continue the adventures, opting for the latest craze in adventure gaming at the moment - episodic releases.

Dan Marshall of Zombie Cow Studios explained:

"We're looking at doing shorter, cheaper, standalone jabs of entertainment - possibly just an hour or so's gameplay to slot into that gap you've got on a weekday evening, the same sort of length as an episode of something on TV.

We've come up with an amazing opener - something that's a bit of a refreshing departure from the other games, but still slots in nicely with the idea of Dan and Ben being old-school adventurers, always getting themselves into scrapes. The really exciting thing for me about doing shorter games is that we can do much more interesting things in terms of puzzles, settings, complexity and mechanics."

Check out the TGP Steam Store page for more info on purchasing the series to date.