Turba, a match-3 game which uses your music collection, is now available to play as part of a public beta. The Turba team are looking for feedback on their creation, which they are hoping to release sometime soon.

Blocks appear with the beat of which ever song you choose, and more points are giving out if blocks are destroyed with the beat too. Some kind of 'the beat giveth, and the beat taketh away', you could say. It's decent fun - I mean, who doesn't like playing games which involve their own music selections - but suffers from the same problems as its musical gaming counterparts - the beat isn't picked up well in many songs, sometimes completely out of sync.

There are a few other issues too, but remember this is a beta and not the finished product. It's still well worth the play if you're looking to fill some time. The beta will be available for around one week and can be found on the Turba blog.