If you own an Xbox 360, please do yourself a favour. Go switch it on, maneuver your way to the Indie Games section and use 80 of your Microsoft Points - that's a mere dollar - to grab a copy of Jamezila's I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES 1N IT!!!1 It's the Best Selling and Top Rated title in the entire XBLIG catalogue for a reason, you know.

OK, so it has a stupid name and that might be putting you off, but you seriously shouldn't let it. What's on offer here is a mindless, top-down shooter which is way too much fun for its own good. The premise is simple: Zombies are advancing - take them down. There are special weapon pickups to help knock em down faster and other performance enhancing grabbables, but all in all there is one key idea - just keep shooting.

Of course, there are tons of mindless shooters out there, so what makes this one so special? Check out the above video to see for yourself. The entire game revolves around a single music track which includes lyrics such as 'I made this game using XNA, it costs a dollar and I hope you'll pay'. Depending on whether the song is thrashing about or is in a brief lull, the number of enemies/flashing lights will reflect the mood.

The great thing about the above video is that it cuts out right before things start getting... interesting. Freaky, even. You'll see much more than simply zombies, I'll tell you that much!

For a dollar, you're getting an epilepsy-inducing action-packed mindtrip that you'll genuinely want to stick on every time your friends are round. There's no online multiplayer, but it really doesn't matter - it's one of those experiences where you'll want to shout at people in the room with you anyway. Go and grab it from the XBLIG store. It'll make you smile.