Sourced this tasty piece of info from Danny B., and I asked Adam about it just to be sure - iPhone owners can soon play Adam Atomic's excellent Canabalt while on the go, as the prolific developer is currently in the process of porting his latest work to Apple's popular mobile device. If you take a closer look at the official website for Canabalt, you'll notice that the port is being handled by Semi-Secret Software, who lists just two names on the about page for the company.

Adam mentions that the first version of the iPhone game will be a straight port with some art touch up work and local high scores, although he doesn't rule out other crazy new features in future updates. He is also planning to give away free promo codes (as many as he can get) to anyone who donates 10 dollars or more on the current Canabalt page. The iPhone port should be out sometime before the end of the month.

Two other trivial stuff that you guys have been asking about - to get the MP3 version of Danny B.'s Canabalt soundtrack (5 minutes long), all you have to do is donate something, and you'll get both the song and two Canabalt-themed desktop wallpapers. Canabalt also does not have an ending, so you can practically run in the same direction forever and not get to your destination at all (although Adam had initially planned to include a proper intro and ending in the early stages of development).

More information to be revealed on the iPhone Canabalt page soon.