blurst.jpgThe Flashbang Studios guys recently released four of their popular Unity games at $10 each a pop, but now you can grab all four for a marvellous $20. That's half price, don't you know!

Of course, you'd be forgiven for simply answering 'Erm, aren't they all free already?'. And yes, the browser versions are still free to play on the Blurst site. Grabbing the downloadable builds, however, means fullscreen Blurst gaming and, most importantly, getting rid of those damn time limits!

You'll obviously be supporting Flashbang too, so that they can make even more lovely, highly comical masterpieces. To the Blurst Store!

[UPDATE: A coupon code was just released to get 50% off the Bundle Pack, making it a ridiculous $10 - the code is limited to 50 uses though, so you'd better hurry! The code is FACEBOOK]