Alex Shen pointed this one out to me and I was quite taken by it. Clockwords is, would you believe it, a word game which involves firing off as many words as possible to stop the oncoming robot spiders and stop then stealing your secrets!

There are certain letters listed at the bottom of the screen which are more powerful than others and using them in a word will make your cannon fire much more powerful missiles at the baddies. If you manage to use all the listed letters in a word, a new cell will open you so there are even more strong letters at your disposal.

It starts off simple but soon gets very hectic as you try to think up long words while the spiders get closer to their goal. The art and music are beautiful throughout and really give the game a great atmosphere. There are also some wonderfully simple ideas thrown in there, such as using's 'Word of the Day' as a special, almighty powerful word, and also allowing a second player to control the direction the cannon fires in.

Definitely worth a play!