I've just spent the last few hours playing Bad Rats: The Rats' Revenge, a physics-puzzler from INVENT4 Entertainment released in the summer. While initially a little put off by the general look and feel on offer, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Bad Rats turns out to be pretty good fun.

It's like a really silly and needlessly graphic version of The Incredible Machine games. On each level there is a ball, a cat, and some kind of weapon which will inevitably bring about the feline's demise. Placing a combination of objects and rats with different abilities, the task is to bounce the ball against the bringer-of-said-cat's-fate. All objects and rats are placed in 'Pause Mode', and the action pans out in 'Play Mode'.

Graphically it's not exactly a looker, but if you can see past the ugliness there's plenty of sandbox fun to be had. Each level can be completed numerous different ways, from the simple to the ridiculously complex, and the cat will explode in various satisfying ways when you succeed.

The game is available via Steam for $5 and there's also a demo to take for a spin.