The story of Extend Studio's Trashman is set in the distant future, where a space station has been built to clean up the heavy pollution contaminating Earth, using funds contributed by governments around the world. Everything worked according to plan and the planet was finally on the right track to recovery when an unexpected incident causes all robots on the station to go haywire. Playing as the super-robot Ares, you are sent on a mission to rescue task force members who were trapped while conducting an investigation to find out the extent of damage sustained by the ship.

This 2D platformer can be played using the keyboard, mouse or the Xbox controller, although you can only shoot in eight directions as full analog controls are not supported. Members of Extend Studio currently have plans to release Trashman for both Windows and Xbox 360 platforms.

There is only one level to play in this demo version, which you can grab from the official site for the game.