Just a quick note that the Gamasutra Network of sites, which includes a number of weblogs on specific game industry areas -- including this very one -- has added Twitter feeds and formalized RSS feeds to make for easier reading.

The Gamasutra feeds page has a complete list of RSS feeds, but both Twitter and RSS information for our suite of sites are now available.

The full set of syndication info is as follows:

- Gamasutra (the art and business of games) - News RSS, Features RSS, Jobs RSS; Main Twitter, Jobs Twitter.
- GameCareerGuide (for student game developers) - News RSS, Features RSS; Twitter.
- WorldsInMotion (the business of online worlds) - RSS; Twitter.
- FingerGaming (gaming on the iPhone and iPod Touch) - RSS; Twitter.
- GameSetWatch (an alt.video game weblog) - RSS; Twitter.
- IndieGames (for independent game players and developers) - RSS; Twitter.
- GamerBytes (the latest console digital download game news) - RSS; Twitter.
- Serious Games Source (games for health, training, military and other users) - RSS, Twitter.
- GamesOnDeck (all about the mobile game industry) - RSS, Twitter.