Inner Space ate up many hours (days, weeks) of my time back in 1994 and it's still great fun to play 15 years on. A virus has infected your computer, so it's time to dive right in, drag your programs to safety and destroy all trace of the deadly infection.

It's a shooter that uses your computer's hard drives as worlds. Flying around each directory, it's your job to find each of the icons for your files and grab them before the virus can infect. You have team-mates who are ready to help out, and there are also other teams who may or may not be friendly towards you. You can sway their feelings by either helping them out or giving them a good battering.

Each level has an ambulance for fixing yourself up and upgrading your ship (called by pressing H) and police ships which roam around upholding the law. There are also races and arena matches to be beaten.

Strangely enough, after all these years the game is still $24.95 from the Software Dynamics site. However, there is a 14-day trial available to download which includes every feature except the very last level, so it's worth grabbing that.