Platogo, a new browser-based games site, has just opened its doors. The social gaming site has been in beta for the last few months, and is now available for developers to upload their ActionScript 3 and haXe-based games.

It comes with its own Platogo API so that devs can add achievements and high score boards to their games. Like most of the browser-gaming sites out there, it has an ad sharing revenue system, allowing users to earn cash from advertising in and around their games.

Of course, there are already plenty of sites like this churning out new releases all the time, so why bother with Platogo? The Platogo team hope to stand out from the crowd with games which have level-creation tools, allowing users to create levels for others to try out. Right now there are only 8 games on the site to play, but nearly 400 user-created levels already!

The wonderful Gregory Weir has already got in on the action with his game Exploit, and Platogo users have been creating tons of levels for it. Any flash devs out there might want to check it out!