Farbs has just released Captain Forever, his latest project, in a sort of 'prelaunch' style way. Those who pay $15 will get instant access to the game, plus access to all future versions of the game. Those who don't pay will gain access to the game once it becomes free.

Farbs himself gives you the two different options better than I could:

Support Captain Forever Later

- Your computer may be too puny to run the game, but if you wait for the free release you can use it to learn this crushing truth without having to pay anything.
- You might not like the game. Again, waiting to play the free version will help you figure this out.
- I may get hit by a falling satellite, and thus never release any premium content.

Support Captain Forever Now

- You’ll get to play Captain Forever now while it’s still obscure and cool.
- I am fuelled by your love.
- It’s $5 cheaper.

Either way, check it out at CaptainForever.com.