blurst.jpgFlashbang Studios today opened up their Blurst online gaming site to outside developers, asking for any devs who make games using Unity to submit their masterpieces. As of yet only Flashbang games adorn the Blurst site, but this is all about to change.

If you have a Unity-based game which "will mesh with [their] existing portfolio", this would be an excellent opportunity to get your work noticed. The Blurst site has over 500k registered player accounts, so you can be sure people will be playing your game. They also offer a huge range of services for any developer chosen, including lots of community API features, Unity libraries, the chance to sell customized versions of your game and tons of stats and feedback for your title so you can work out what's hot and what's not about your work.

All in all, fantastic news. Be warned, Flashbang says they are going to be picky about who gets featured and who doesn't, but if you've got what you believe to be an excellent Unity game, what have you got to lose? Head over to the Blurst site and submit your work pronto!