Altitude is an online multiplayer dogfight-em-up. Players roam the skies, shooting down rivals, picking up power-ups and gathering XP to level up and gain access to special perks and better aircraft. The game can be played through your browser or downloaded and booted straight from your hard drive.

It's a lovely little thing, bursting full of challenges, missions and general good fun. As well as gaining experience from shooting down enemies, XP points are also awarded for completing certain tasks - for example, 'shoot down 3 enemies in four seconds' or 'kill 100 enemies using the Bomber'. Perks can then be added to your winged avenger like the ability to bounce off walls rather than crash straight into them.

The general feel of Altitude is really nice too. The controls, while simple, can be mastered to devastating effect (as I learnt when trying to take on a few guys who were way higher levels than me) and the package as a whole is pretty slick. Note, however, that if you want to properly get into the game, it costs $19.95 to unlock everything - that is, receive special planes, perks and maps.

Still, for free you're getting some great, sky-diving fun. Check it out at