Finwick is an action platformer created by SmallGreenHill, whose other previous work was the mildly popular episodic Platform - The Game. You play as a boy assigned with the task of delivering a package to Prattle Barker, an ecologist who lives somewhere in Fargrown Forest. Along the way you will encounter pitfalls, traps, obstacles, contraptions, and monsters that won't hesitate to eat you alive if you do not stomp on them first.

Some areas are structured as puzzles that you will have to solve before Finwick can continue with his journey. It gets slightly trickier at a later stage when Finwick's friend Pentella joins him on his search for the elusive scientist, since you have to get both characters to the exit in order to progress.

The full game costs $6, but you can play the first twenty-five levels for free without the need to login with a paid user account.