It has an awesome name. It is an awesome concept. Hell Is Other People is an 'asynchronously multiplayer' according to creator George Buckenham. The path that each player takes is recorded and future players are then pitted against their recordings.

This means that no two games are the same. It also means you are technically playing against humans - albeit humans who aren't actually aiming at you. It's a beautiful idea which starts off pretty easy and soon develops into a full-on war. Try taking on 15 ghosts at the same time. Chaos.

It's free to play, but if you pay £5 ($8) George will send you a downloadable version complete with dogheads which bark when you shoot at them. Splendid. Give it a try, then post your three character game-name in the comments below so others will know who they just destroyed. I'm MIK, just so you know.