It was but a mere week ago that the Dyson devs began hunting for a new name for their upcoming indie title, and after receiving over 400 names from enthusiastic gamers, Alex and Rudolf have made their decision:

'There were some very interesting, entertaining, baffling, horrifying, charming, and “almost right” entries out there… However, we feel there is one that stands out for a number of reasons and that is the delightful: “Eufloria”.

We love the name as it nicely sums up the general mood of the game, and ties it in with the “flora” theme that sets our game apart from many other titles. It is also easy to remember, nice to say and hear, and nicely compact. In short: an excellent name!'

I personally quite like the new name - it's on the verge of being a little corny, and may make a few people let out a disappointed groan, but it's also kinda clever and, as Rudolf rightly points out, fits with the general theme of the game.

October 20th is the date to watch out for!