We don't give much love to casual gaming at Indie Games very often, but an article on Gamezebo regarding Facebook game Farmville caught my eye this morning. Developed by Zynga.Inc, the farming sim has now amassed near to 60 million users who actively play the game daily.

That's a lot of active players. As Erin Bell points out, that's more players than Nintendo have sold copies of Wii Sports, the best-selling console game ever. While the game is free to play, 'exclusive' items can be purchased to expand your farm faster than normal. Of this money, part of it goes to charity and as of this time, $321,000 has been raised for good causes. It's quite the success story, now the most popular game on Facebook.

Mark Skaggs of Zynga is a little optimistic when he says he wants their games to bring back "the experience of playing Monopoly around the dinner table", but to be honest I don't use Facebook often so I've no idea whether Farmville is worth trying or not! Are there any Indie Games readers who can recommend/veto this tractor-chugging simulation?